In order to promote social and Charity activities ,Delche Group decided to establish a “foundation” in form of an academy to help and support to the society development through discovering,promoting of talents from infants/ young people especially orphans and the abandoned ones from the great lakes and Sub-Saharan regions of Africa


– To develop/groom home talented infants for the National team and future generation.

– We will recruit players chiefly from  parts of Uganda and produce technically proficient physically capable players that are tactically astute and are able to perform in both the CECAFA Championships and Uganda National Top Leagues. The players will travel on a journey through a detailed football programme with outstanding coaches that focuses on the needs of both the individuals and team. With the support of the video analysis team the coaches will deliver clear accurate feedback around each game and training session. The players will receive the best medical care available and will also have both player specific and generic sports science plans that progress through the age bands.

– Using a psychology methods(programmes), we aim to produce rounded disciplined individuals with the support of all the staff across the departments within the Academy, preparing the players for life  off and on the pitch. We also offer education services to guardians on key aspects so that they can help influence things like basic player support pre/post competition and nutrition.

– At the youth development phase we will provide a full time schooling program with a bespoke educational experience that provides a holistic learning environment for the players. This will allow the players to hit the desired number of coaching hours for maximum development and also expose the players to training at the optimum time of day.

Without discrimination basing on ages, we will ensure a high degree of on duty care focusing strongly on the players from  disadvantaged backgrounds.

Delche Academy’s Ethics

DFA team will aim to play attractive, attacking football throughout the academy. All age groups will develop a style of play that is based on long time possession of the ball, aiming to produce players that can compete at internatinal  level. At all times our teams will try to play from the back and through the wings, developing players in a style that makes them competent in managing the ball under pressure.

Academy team of 11 dusus 11 will play with a back four,Middle four and will experience two versions of 4-4-2 throughout their education at the club.

Defensively the teams will learn how to press effectively to hide/control the ball most of the time and also have an understanding of how to immediaimmediately win/regain it back if lose,while defending

through each third of the pitch with individuals being competent defending in 1 v 1 situations relevant to their position.


To aimat creating a professional environment that attracts, retains and develops our infant generation in areas of football,providing supply of academy graduates to the national & Professional team squads hence enriching their lives, while ensuring those individuals who fall short of that standard have the necessary skills and education to enable them to achieve success either at other football clubs or in a vocational career.

The Academy players in the Professional Development phase are full-time and are registered on Scholarship contracts. As part of their all-round education, the players complete an academic education programme alongside their football commitments. Our players in the Youth Development phase combine their club training programme with attendance at Delche Orbit Station . This involves training evenings, weekends and during school release. The Foundation phase squads’ training programmes take place after school and at weekends.The Under 15s will be able to train on a Wednesdays afternoon

Delche Academy players will enjoy 60% of games programmes/playing time over the course of the season.

The Academy education programme is in place and encourages each player to reach his full potential as he passes through the development phases. This education provision is designed to be flexible and to provide support for each player to achieve, while receiving education in their school of preference. It includes both formal and informal education which reinforces the high expectations of the Academy.

The Academy squad ,will be contesting in all games programme including a number of national,Regions and African tournaments.



Diet and nutrition have become more important than ever in modern football. Academy Sports Food & Nutrition management team  sets out a schedule for weekly diet for academy players which can be downloaded by clicking it